Progoff Intensive Journal Program for Self-Development

Specific Endorsements

“The Intensive Journal workshop is an excellent tool to work now through a major transition in my life and an excellent lifelong tool!”

Elena Rynkevic
Burbank, CA

"The Intensive Journal program offer much more than I expected. I found a way to access my inner wisdom... The workshop helped with professional direction and transitions.”


“I feel more empowered and at ease with facing my life situation, now that I have deepened knowledge and skill at using the Intensive Journal process.”

Raleigh, NC

“This has been a very helpful and enlightening workshop, and I take away far more than I expected. My previous attempts at journaling have failed miserably. The directed method in this workshop showed me where to start, and then how to move forward...

This has been helpful as I have and continue to work through many major transitions in my life and the relationships that are part of those transitions.”


“I came to the workshop exhausted, depleted, and desperate for renewal. Within hours, my energy began shifting, and soon I was filled with relief and gratitude. This is deep work, and although it was sometimes difficult, it was always worthwhile. I left the workshop feeling whole again, inspired, ready to move on. I am deeply grateful.”


“The Intensive Journal workshop facilitated my rewriting my life story - shedding a confusing and painful past by mentally and imaginatively taking a different direction at a life intersection. I feel hea healing and renewing on a very deep level. Thank you with all my heart.”

Susi Peterson
Barrow, AK

“After coming to this workshop, I feel renewed and a sense of hope that was lacking before I came.”

Petra S Otero
Elk Grove Village, IL

“I highly recommend the Intensive Journal method as a practice for accessing inner wisdom nad untapped energy. I made so many new connections during each exercise.

This practice has helped me develop in the areas of confidence, empowerment and calmness. I feel excited about my life and about having this tool to turn to."

Damaris Lasa