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About Dialogue House Associates, Inc.

Serving Diverse Audiences: New Directions and Opportunities

Dialogue House Associates is the administrative headquarters for the programs and materials of Ira Progoff, Ph.D. Our office is located in Twinsburg, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland.

Our programs go well beyond the workshops that are offered to the public. We offer a broad range of services to specialized audiences in the following areas:


Organizing and coordinating approximately 150 public Intensive Journal workshops annually. We offer introductory programs as well as the advanced modules. Extended programs offer participants an opportunity to experience the full method in a continuous experience. Programs are offered year-round both in the United States, Canada and overseas. Our goal is to offer affordable and accessible workshops in the major metropolitan areas so that people have a structured setting to work in the method on an ongoing basis.

Continuing Education

We are an approved provider of continuing education to counselors and social workers. Professionals begin to learn Progoff’s theories of growth through a direct experience in their own lives in a workshop setting. The Intensive Journal method is an important resource to complement the counseling process.


Wellness programs and applications. Here are some major areas:

  • Prevention/Ongoing wellness. Our program offers an effective way to strengthen the mind-body connection, reduce stress and help people develop more meaningful lives.
  • Employee wellness. Organizations offer our program as a tool for employee wellness. Employees become more productive by:
    1. resolving issues in their personal lives or in the workplace,
    2. reducing stress, and
    3. stimulating their creativity capacities.
  • Mental health. The Intensive Journal method can serve as an effective complement to therapy or provide an alternative means to develop a person’s life.
  • Patient populations. Research studies are desired at major medical centers to document how the Intensive Journal method can help people cope with the emotional challenges of having a serious illness (e.g. cancer), or to deal with issues that may have contributed to an illness (e.g. an addiction).

We offer programs for the professional development of ministers and related professionals at leading seminaries, sabbatical programs and retreat centers. Our program is neutral with regard to any particular faith.

Social Service programs

The Intensive Journal method can be used effectively by participants with only a modest level of education. We offer workshops in the following settings:

Criminal Justice. The Intensive Journal method can transform offenders in a deep and long-lasting way as they find answers about life for themselves. Improved behavior and changed attitudes results in less violence, reduced recidivism, and greater possibilities for becoming a constructive member of society.

Family Services. People who have faced traumatic experiences (e.g. rape or domestic violence) have used the Intensive Journal method to rebuild their lives. The method connects a person to their underlying capacities in a non-threatening way.

Job training. Trainees attend Intensive Journal sessions while they are being trained in entry level positions. Our program contributes to improved attitudes leading to higher rates of completion, job performance and promotion.

Training our program leaders

Offering advanced professional training for individuals to become certified leaders of the Intensive Journal method (Advanced Studies Program)

Books and audio materials (Dialogue House Library)

Dr. Progoff authored 14 books on the Intensive Journal method, depth psychology, meditation, C.G. Jung’s theories, and mysticism. Progoff’s audio materials provide an effective way to learn more about his unique theories of self-development and benefit from Entrance Meditation™ readings.


Tax-deductible contributions are an important way that we can continue to offer these services. Progoff established a separate organization, The Foundation for Integral Research (FIR) to help fund, through tax-deductible donations, the development of his programs and materials in psychology, including the Intensive Journal program. Contributions are most welcome. FIR's 501(c)(3) status is inactive so donations are not presently deductible.