Intensive Journal Program for Self-Development
Progoff Series of Workshops

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Leading writers have used the Intensive Journal method to spur their creativity and thereby enhance their writing process. Now you can use this powerful inner journey to become more successful in your writing.

Some of the exercises lend themselves directly to the writing process. Progoff is a leader in developing the dialogue technique. You can also learn how to use imagery and symbolism to enhance your writing. More broadly, the deepening inner journey of the workshop process can provide unpredictable insights in many different areas of your life.

Writers share their experiences in using the Intensive Journal method with you:

Endorsements from Writers

"...Ira Progoff and the Intensive Journal workshop made a tremendous impact on my writing...the journals and texts written by Progoff are powerful tools in the creative process."

Judy Collins
Artist, Writer and Entertainer

"...Intensive Journal method was central to the beginning and flourishing of my career as a biographer... Progoff's creative insights and practical methods of deepening one's spiritual and creative life should be made available to everyone..."

Donald Spoto

"...One cannot help being amazed by what emerges from this skilled inner journey. All the elements we attribute to the poet, the artist, become available to everyone..."

Anais Nin

"....a truly powerful method for accessing the past and charting the future of your life."

Hannelore Hahn
Executive Director, Int'l Women's Writing Guild
(workshop sponsor for over 15 years)

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