✨✨ Endorsed by such notables as mythologist Joseph Campbell and Father Richard Rohr

Intensive Journal Program for Self-Development
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Experience the Intensive Journal Method
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A classic tool for gaining clarity and awareness
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•   Personal Relationships
•   Transitions
•   Healing
•   Decision Making
A 50 year track record of helping thousands!
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Ira Progoff

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"The Intensive Journal Process is one of the great inventions of our time."

Joseph Campbell


"One of the most profound spiritual experiences of my life..."

Richard Rohr

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Next two sessions (held on Sunday): July 14, 2024 (1-4 pm MDT);   Sep 8, 2024 (1-4 pm EDT).

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Award-Winning Book by Ira Progoff, PhD

Ira Progoff

Describes the Intensive Journal exercises and principles.
$19.95 (plus shipping)

Selected as one of the 65 most significant books on
psychology & spirituality of the 20th century.

Source: Common Boundary,
"Simply the Best," Jan-Feb, 1999

The Intensive Journal method is not journal keeping, not introspective diary keeping, and it isn't writing therapy... it is the full scale active method of personal life integration for continuous and cumulative work. Ira Progoff, Ph.D.

The method was created by Ira Progoff, PhD - a recognized pioneer in applying his unique approaches of human development to provide you with an amazing process to develop your life

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Workshops are offered nationwide and year-round

Experience the method by attending a workshop where our leaders will guide you step-by-step through the exercises. People attend our Intensive Journal Programs for many reasons.

Connect with your life

The Intensive Journal method can help you get in touch with yourself, including the direction and continuity of your life. What makes you unique and special?

Spur creativity

Develop creative life beyond work. The method helps you tap into your talents and interests. Obtain insights from different areas of your life.

Spiritual development

Use the Intensive Journal method to develop spiritually. Progoff emphasized the importance of becoming connected to the meaning and purpose of life.

Professional development

Professionals in addiction counselling, nursing, and social work can obtain continuing education credits to develop themselves.

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The Well and The Cathedral

Ira Progoff, creator of the Intensive Journal Method, reads a sample entrance meditation "Muddy/Clear: The Mirror of the Water" from "The Well and The Cathedral: An Entrance Meditation." (Available on Audio CD)

The Method

The Intensive Journal Method is an integrated system using writing exercises in a setting of privacy and quiet.

More than "journal writing", our method is based upon principles of psychology, providing you with unique approaches to develop your life. The Intensive Journal method is recognized as the leader in self-development writing programs.

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