Intensive Journal Program for Self-Development
Progoff Series of Workshops

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Reasons to Attend Intensive Journal Programs

People attend our program for many reasons.

1. Connect with your life

The Intensive Journal method can help you get in touch with yourself, including the direction and continuity of your life. Connect with your interests, values and priorities. Deepen the integration process. Become more centered and focused.

What makes you unique and special? By uncovering the real you, you can discover capacities, interests, and lead a more enriching life.

2. Gain awareness, perspectives, insights

Use the method to gain insights and perspectives about specific issues in your life. Gain perspectives, deepen awareness, gain insights and clarity.

Using Progoff’s Whole Life Approach, we view specific issues with a broad foundation in the context of our entire life so that they become more manageable. Answers or solutions may come from unpredictable areas and we maintain an open receptivity as we work in the process.

Participants work through transitions, and use the method to obtain guidance and clarity from within themselves. Sort out career issues, deal with illness or obtain support in the bereavement of a relative. You may feel stuck or lost; our method helps you view issues without preconceived thought from different angles and perspectives, to break through a feeling of stalemate.

3. Continued inner growth

You may wish to develop or nurture your inner life and learn a process for integrative inner work. Bring different parts of life into conversation to foster integration and wholeness. The reflective nature of the method enables you to get quiet and listen to yourself.

4. Spur creativity

Develop creative life beyond work. The method helps you tap into your talents and interests. Obtain insights from different areas of your life. Insights come together from different areas and foster integration and creativity.

5. Learn a method for ongoing self-development

Deepen your understanding of the method. Using the Intensive Journal method is like learning a musical instrument; it takes time to learn, use and integrate over time.

Some people begin by reading the main book for the program, At a Journal Workshop, and then realize that a workshop experience is helpful to learn the method. Others go to the workshop and then use At a Journal Workshop as a reference tool to expand their knowledge of a specific exercise.

Learn a new way to approach your life that will expand your inner resources and deepen your life journey. You may be curious or find our method intriguing or interesting. You do not need to have a pressing need or specific issue to address. Rather, it is recommended that you obtain a broad foundation on your life, building your capacities to address issues over time.

You may wish to “check-in” with yourself and take a sabbatical or time-out from your daily routines to renew or connect with yourself. In fact, Progoff designed the Intensive Journal method to provide workshop settings for people to periodically work in their lives at their own timing and rhythm.

6. Spiritual development

Use the Intensive Journal method to develop spiritually. Progoff emphasized the importance of becoming connected to the meaning and purpose of life. Our method provides a neutral process for connecting with your spiritual beliefs. The method is without dogma and religion, and in fact, has been used by people who have been in transition about their belief system.

7. Professional development

Professionals in counseling, employee assistance, nursing, and social work can obtain continuing education credits to develop themselves professionally. Through a direct experience in your life, you can learn new skills and approaches for application in the therapy process. The Intensive Journal method is an excellent complement to therapy where clients can become more involved in their growth and discover and work through issues more rapidly.

People come for many different reasons. They share a common goal of using our method to develop their lives.