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Accessing Progoff's Wisdom


We offer you an easy way to access Dr. Progoff's wisdom whether his statements, or through his lectures and interviews that are on video, without having a social media account.

To review, we know that Dr. Progoff was a profound thinker who studied the great philosophers, psychologists, theologians, and others in formulating his theories of human development. He had a great ability to take abstract principles and make them practical for everyday people to use in developing their lives.

Dr. Progoff then implemented his philosophy and approach to human development in creating the Intensive Journal method. In our workshops, we minimize any intellectual discussion to keep a depth atmosphere. However, you know the Intensive Journal method is a profound life-changing process that has a great deal of thought and scholarship behind it.

While you may not be interested in social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Youtube, we want you to have access to a broad range of amazing statements from Dr. Progoff, as well as others who have either participated in or led our programs. We urge you to simply scroll down and enjoy reading these statements.

Here are the steps: Click on Facebook and Youtube links;

Facebook: Facebook will ask you a couple of times to open an account. You can respond by clicking not now. They will not ask you again during that session.

YouTube: You can listen to sample sections of Dr. Progoff's lectures, Entrance Meditation readings, and interviews. Our leaders share their experience in the program as well as provide an introduction to the method. You can experience a sample exercise.

Instagram: Avoid if you do not have an account since this is a requirement of Instagram. Most of our material that is on Instagram is on Facebook.

That's all there is to access this great material. You are free to return to our Facebook or YouTube accounts over time as we add more content. It is another easy way to learn more about the Intensive Journal process.