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Workshops in an Institution

Host a Full-Length Workshop for an Institution

Since the Intensive Journal method can help practically anyone, we have conducted our program for audiences in institutions such as correctional institutions, job training centers, and various social service organizations. We have an innovative program for the homeless, formerly incarcerated, addicted, and hard to employ individuals.

We are also looking for opportunities in the health care field such as with groups who are dealing with an addiction, depression, a major illness, or trauma. Currently, we have a successful pilot program for caregivers. In the area of spirituality, we have conducted many programs over the years in seminaries and for sabbatical programs. The possibilities are practically endless.

Since the institution is providing the group of participants, the fees that are charged are much less than for a public workshop as well. The scheduling of hours for the program are also extremely flexible.

Please contact Jon Progoff at 330-998-6000 or [email protected] to discuss your ideas. Thanks for your involvement.