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Post-Workshop Opportunities

Ways to Grow in the Intensive Journal Method

We offer many opportunities for you to develop your life using the Intensive Journal method after you have taken a workshop. As with many other skills that we acquire, the key to becoming knowledgeable about using the Intensive Journal method is to practice and use it.

The Intensive Journal method is a cumulative process where you deepen your work over time in each section and learn how to use the Journal Feedback techniques to develop the material even further to gain additional realizations and perspectives.

Some are able to work on their own while many others find the discipline and instruction from our certified instructors in a workshop setting invaluable. We encourage you to do what works for you.

2-Day Modules

Our 2-day schedule is the standard format for the three modules that comprise our program:

  • Part 1 - Life Context (LC): Gaining a Perspective on Life;
  • Part 2 - Depth Contact: Process Meditation™ Workshop (DC): Symbolic Images and Meaning in Life;
  • Part 3 - Life Integration: Journal Feedback™ Process Workshop (LI): Integrating the Life Process.

We encourage you to take the three modules and to repeat them over time. Some may be surprised by the need to repeat the modules. You are deepening your knowledge and use of the method. Your life evolves over time and may be at a different place than when you attended the program previously. You want to stay connected with your life and its ongoing evolution to develop new awareness over time.

The Intensive Journal method is similar to other skills that you may learn. You take repeated lessons on a particular area to develop that skill (e.g. lessons on the forehand or backhand in tennis). The same repetitive process applies to our program. You are making a commitment to yourself to use the Intensive Journal method as a key tool for your ongoing growth.

Dr. Progoff created the 2-day modules as the standard format. It offers you the progressive deepening as you work continuously in your life to build a momentum and energy to propel you forward. While we offer other scheduling formats that are discussed below, we encourage you to attend the 2-day format as the basis for your Intensive Journal work.

Workshops - Other Scheduling Formats

We also offer our three workshop modules in other scheduling formats to meet your needs. Some of them are new.

Part 3-Life Integration is offered in a monthly format as a way to keep you connected to the process. We are now offering the first two modules (Life Context and Depth Contact) in a weekly format of 3 hours per week over 4 sessions to complete the 12 hour program.

We realize that some of you may not be able to attend a 2-day workshop due to other demands that are placed upon your schedule. The 3-hour sessions that are held weekly may be your only option under these circumstances and we welcome your participation. Please note that there are tradeoffs from the standard 2-day format in terms of the deepening atmosphere that is vital for the method's success.

We offer you the choice of formats and encourage you to decide what works best for you.

Benefit from Other Certified Leaders

Since many of our programs are online through Zoom, you can take advantage of many more workshop opportunities, including being exposed to the experience of our other certified leaders. While they all follow a standard format and content, they may state our material slightly differently that you may find helpful. You can read about our leaders on their respective page on our website. We encourage you to be adventurous and try our various leaders!

Listen to Dr. Progoff's Audio Recordings

You can learn a great deal from listening to Dr. Progoff's recordings about his approach to human development, key principles of the Intensive Journal method, and other topic areas. It is also a great opportunity to connect with the creator of our method.

We are now selling our audio recordings by Dr. Progoff in three categories (Entrance Meditation readings (3), lectures (10), and interviews-podcasts (2)) through a streaming service called Awesound. The cost is $12 per recording with discounts for the entire set or audios in a given category. You can listen to samples of each recording prior to deciding whether to purchase. Please go to the section on our website entitled Stream Audio for more information and how to order. We also sell the identical recordings in CD format for $15 each plus shipping by calling us at 330-998-6000 (or you may order directly from

We are often asked about whether the internet is needed to listen to the recordings.  You need the internet to purchase the recordings.  After you have purchased, you have access to them and can choose to download them for offline listening on your phone without the need for the internet.  If you listen on your computer, you will need to have internet service.   

Each Entrance Meditation recording contains eight meditations that are read by Dr. Progoff. They are designed to help you become quiet and centered so you can listen to your inner process. They are an integral part of the Intensive Journal method, and an excellent tool to help you work on your own.

In the Progoff Lecture Series, Dr. Progoff explains his overall philosophy for human development, and his rationale for creating the Intensive Journal method and his organization, Dialogue House Associates. There are other specialized lectures on creativity, spirituality, dreams and imagery, and the influence of Dr. CG Jung.

We offer two interviews with Dr. Progoff. We have used one of them to hear Dr. Progoff crystallize why he created the Intensive Journal method, and in the other he articulates principles for using the method to a group of ministers in training.

Help More People Benefit

If you found the Intensive Journal program to be helpful, we encourage you to think of ways of introducing other people to the method. Listed below are some possible suggestions that we offer:

  • Tell your friends and associates about your workshop experience on social media;
  • 3 hour introductory sessions online for only $25 provide an experience in several  Intensive Journal exercises.  Attendees are then better able to decide if they want to proceed with a full length 2-day workshop.  The fee  can then be applied as a credit at many other workshops (limitations apply).  Your own group can also host an introductory session.
  • Group discounts for 6 or more people who attend one of our scheduled workshops;
  • Assistance to other organizations who host a public workshop for their clientele;
  • Workshops to groups other than the general public at various institutions such as health care organizations and correctional facilities.