Intensive Journal Program for Self-Development
Progoff Series of Workshops

Specialized Audiences | Health | Depression


The Progoff™ methodology provides practical techniques to:

  • Work through issues in a supportive and safe environment, relating to feelings about other ethnic/racial/ religious groups in the community;
  • By-pass preconceived ways of thinking to achieve dramatic breakthroughs;
  • Provide opportunities for bonding between members of groups that hold intense hostile feelings toward each other;
  • Benefit from major economies of scale and savings created by members doing in-depth work in a group setting under the auspices of our certified instructor.

The Intensive Journal method offers many unique features for dramatically helping your group.

Please have a copy of our brochure on depression

* Depression may be caused by a variety of factors, whether physical (i.e. chemical imbalance) or mental. The Progoff methodology is intended for use by certain individuals who may have depression that has been caused at least in part by underlying issues in their lives. This brochure is addressed to health care professionals treating clients with depression as a component of their diagnosis.