Intensive Journal Program for Self-Development
Progoff Series of Workshops

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Learning Objectives

Nurses learn valuable skills in the Intensive Journal program.

3 Core Workshops

Part I: Life Context (LC): Foundations of the Intensive Journal Method. Prerequisite: None. Length: 10-12 hours
  • Learn basic rules for using the Intensive Journal method and principles of holistic depth psychology that underlie the method.
  • Use Life Positioning exercises to describe feelings and events about your nursing career and to develop the continuity in your professional development.
  • Apply Entrance Meditation™ techniques to reduce tension and access inner processes.
  • Use and integrate diary techniques into the Intensive Journal process.
  • Apply I-Thou model of dialogue techniques to develop bereavement skills, work through work situations, and health/body issues.
  • Recall and develop experiences of deep emotion and meaning.
Part II: Depth Contact (DC): Symbolic Images and Meaning. Prerequisite: LC workshop. 10-12 hours
  • Use dialogue techniques to explore events or situations in the workplace.
  • Apply non-analytical methods for using symbolic material.
  • Recall and develop significant experiences about your profession.
  • Reappraise a meaningful event that can provide important lessons.
  • Apply dialogue techniques to work through issues relating to the health care industry.
  • Define and organize issues to synthesize beliefs and priorities.
Part III: Life Integration (LI): the Journal Feedback™ Process: Integrating the Intensive Journal Process. Prerequisite: LC & DC, or LE workshops. 10-12 hours
  • Explain and define the principles for using the Journal Feedback process.
  • Use the daily log function to stimulate the Journal Feedback process.
  • Develop and further organize daily feelings about the workplace through advanced feedback techniques.
  • Apply the Journal Feedback Process to the Dialogue Dimension exercises.
  • Use dreams and imagery as leads to other sections using the Journal Feedback Process.
  • Apply the Journal Feedback Process to the Meaning Dimension exercises.

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