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Technical writing requires not only a knowledge of the subject, but also a level of creativity, of ingenuity with words that keeps the work concise and clear. The Intensive Journal method can help a writer crystallize an idea and move it through the various stages until completion. The method clarifies intent of both the writer and the work, facilitating its execution and conclusion. The Intensive Journal method accesses an inner flow of creativity that can break down writer’s block and help create works that are both straightforward and significant.

"As the managing editor of a leading scientific journal and as an author’s editor, I have spent my professional life working with writers; I am also a writer of fiction and poetry, so I am aware that many writers from time to time feel blocked with a writing project. I have found the Progoff Intensive Journal method to be an invaluable tool for any writer, whether the writing to be done is technical or scientific or of a more creative nature, by giving the writer access at any time to the creative inner resources from which all writing comes.
Of particular value is the Dialogue with Works, in which one is able to use a specific technique to engage in a Dialogue with the writing project in question, allowing it to speak of its focus and intention and purpose. While ultimately, scientific or technical protocols shape the content and expression of the ideas, the Dialogue process, in my experience, invariable serves to move the writer past the block, and back into the fluid writing process that is necessary to carry the writing project to completion. I can think of no more powerful or dependably useful tool for a writer than the Intensive Journal method. I recommend it to all my colleagues and clients."

-Carolyn Kelley Williams
Managing Editor, International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics
Senior Editor of Publications, Northwestern University Medical School

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