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Entrance MeditationTM Reading: A Means For Entering Our Inner Experiences

A Different Form of Meditation

The Entrance Meditation process is different from many other forms of meditation. It focuses on providing an effective process to stimulate our inner experiences rather than on the content of the meditation. No attempt is made to control or influence the images that present themselves to the meditator; the images come only from the individual.

Entering the Realm of Quietness

The meditations provide a means of entering the realm of quietness in which inner experiences can take place. By creating a contemplative atmosphere, they provide a neutral starting point from which we can gain access to our depths. Our energies move inward, our intellectual mind is calmed, and our breathing becomes slower and softer as we are absorbed in the stillness.

Accessing Our Inner Resources

Once the meditations carry us to that place in the depths of ourselves, it frees us to follow our own rhythms of inner experience. We can explore the symbolic and spiritual aspects of our lives, our intuitions, direct perceptions and sensations of all kinds. Images and feelings rise up to us from our depths. The meditations enhance our perception of events, enabling us to discover truths about life.

Stimulating the Creative Processes

By making contact with our dreams and other images through the Entrance Meditation experience, we develop further inner experiences as one leads to another. This development grants new insights that were previously unattainable. Through this process, we become more creative and develop more fullfilling lives.

Strengthening Our Spiritual Experiences

The many different types of spiritual experience are enhanced through the Entrance Meditation process. Because these experiences spring from our depths, focusing upon these experiences through the meditations leads to deeper and more profound awareness.

Neutral Means for People With Varied Needs

The meditations establish an open atmosphere through the use of symbols that are neutral in character and are not tied to any doctrine or belief. Rather, these symbols lead one closer to fundamental truths of human existence through one's own particular inner experience. They are a means by which individuals can reach their own contact with truths in terms of their own traditions and consciousness. The neutrality of the process has allowed many to benefit greatly who would normally be skeptical of such a practice.