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Progoff Series of Workshops

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Endorse the Method

Endorsements from workshop participants help us spread the word about the great value of the Intensive Journal method. We greatly appreciate your taking a few moments to write a statement summarizing your experience in the program using the form below.

Since some people have asked for guidance about how to write a statement, we offer the following guidelines.

  • Your statement should crystallize the essence of your experience, or a particular aspect of it that was particularly significant to you.
  • Explain why you reached your conclusion or give an example.
  • Avoid extraneous material that diverts attention away from your conclusion such as how you found out about the program
  • Speak generally about leaders (rather than naming a specific individual) who may have helped you learn the process since we are marketing the program more broadly.

In the near future, we will be expanding the section entitled "Practical Life Issues" on our website in terms of the number of topics that are covered. To accomplish this goal, we will be collecting testimonials in many different areas and can use your help. Some are more general while others cover specific topics.


Overall experience in the workshop: What aspects did you find helpful? Online experience on Zoom: Did it work for you? If so, why?


Dealing with the reality of COVID: This is such a pervasive issue that influences our lives today.

Personal Relationships

Bereavement, conflict resolution, personal relationships (family matters, marriage/partner, neighbors, or work-related personnel issues)

Health / Mental Health

Dealing more effectively with a coach, counselor, minister or spiritual director. Were you able to work through issues more effectively or become more involved?

Self-esteem, self-confidence, worry, stress, anxiety, outlook/approach to life, mindfulness.

Health and Wellness Issues: Dealing with the emotional aspects of having an illness or the aging process.


Creativity: Did you have some major breakthrough in some aspect of your life that helped you move forward?

Projects: Did you use our method to help define a project and perhaps deal with how it evolves over time?

Resolving issues, making decisions, or getting unstuck.

Working through a major transition (i.e. retirement, job change, marriage, or moving to a new location).


Meaning: Defining a sense of purpose, priorities, and direction in life. Connecting with experiences that have great meaning

Societal Issues: Feelings about societal norms, institutions, or public issues.

Religion: Connecting with how your beliefs and participation may have changed over time.

Spirituality: Defining what practices or activities have great meaning for you.


There are countless other issues that you may have worked through in our program. Please share them. The list of topics is not meant to limit you in any way but rather to stimulate ideas.

If you wish to discuss your statement or have any questions, please contact us at 330-998-6000 or email [email protected].

Thanks for your cooperation!

If you would like to write an extended endorsement, please see our Life Histories section