Intensive Journal Program for Self-Development
Progoff Series of Workshops

Practical Life Issues | Personal Relationships


Dr. Progoff was a pioneer in using dialogue techniques to help you gain a deeper understanding of various areas of your life, including personal relationships. 

These techniques enable you to enter into a genuine dialogue relationship with another person.  The steps that you are led through help you "walk in the shoes" of the other person to create a more authentic dialogue.  

Personal relationships include a broad range of people  whether from your family, work, or elsewhere, as  well as those who are deceased.   Dr. Progoff believed that death ends a life but not a relationship, and we can use our dialogue techniques to deepen our understanding of those who are no longer with us, which has important benefits for the bereavement  process.      

You also learn how to view a relationship from different perspectives using other dialogue exercises.  For example, you may wish to engage in a dialogue with your spouse.  Then, you may enter into a dialogue with the marriage itself which has a life and existence of its own.  By viewing an issue from different angles, you can obtain new perspectives that may not be possible through a dialogue directly with your spouse.