Progoff Intensive Journal Program for Self-Development

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On Bereavement
Yet I was sustained. The power and process of the Progoff Intensive Journal Method and the writing retreats brought a sanctuary for my heart and soul. On the pristine white pages and through the rhythmic flow of the Intensive Journal process itself I have poured out my sorrow and confusion and anger and questions. I have gained entry to locked rooms of feelings and unfinished conversations, been able to rest in the emptiness that can’t be filled except by acceptance and mourning. The Intensive Journal Method has been a friend, a refuge, a treasure, and a lover offering a compassionate, non-judgmental ear to hear all the voices needing to speak.

Grieving for My Sisters, by Christine Lang

On troubled relationships
By dialoguing in my Intensive Journal workbook, I was able to comfort that scared woman inside me and help her understand the pain was too great, that change needed to happen. During this time, doing this work, I no longer needed to blame my husband so much. I saw he was deeply hurting and in need of help that I could not possibly give him. I began to just take care of myself and stop trying to make him and our marriage better. A couple months later I was living in a place of my own, with so much healing work ahead.

Breaking Free From Domestic Violence, by Pam Peterson