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Now you can purchase the audio collection of Ira Progoff, PhD through our service called Awesound and listen on many different apps on your mobile or desktop device (see details below)

The collection includes 15 audio CDs that we have been selling that were all recorded by Dr. Progoff.

Entrance Meditation™ Series (3)

The Entrance Meditation™ series, rich in metaphors from nature and wisdom figures, takes us on an inward path that is gentle, profound and free from religious doctrine. Each of the three audios consist of eight separate meditations, which are self-contained units and may be used individually, or one can follow the sequence on each audio as a theme is developed through a full cycle of experiences. They take you inward and then outward after the meditative experience.

Progoff™ Lecture Series (10)

The Progoff™ lecture series consists of several key talks that were conducted by Dr. Progoff in which he explains in detail his psychological approach to human development and the rationale for the Intensive Journal method. Dr. Progoff helps you understand the connection between his theoretical concept of growth and the Intensive Journal method. Dr. Progoff leads the audience through Intensive Journal exercises and engages in extensive discussion with them.

We suggest listening to these lectures in the order of the A code, especially for the first five titles. The list begins with Dr. Progoff's overall philosophy of human development followed by more specialized topics such as creativity, spirituality, dreams and imagery, and Carl Jung.

Podcasts-Interviews (2)

There are two interviews, providing you with a great opportunity to hear Dr. Progoff enunciate key principles of his philosophy and program.


Each audio is $12 and there are discounts for purchasing sets (called bundles). Purchase online and you will receive a receipt.

How to listen

Listen on your mobile or desktop device in any web browser to allow secure, offline listening. Awesound works directly with nearly all major podcast apps, including Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Castro, Overcast, Pocket Casts, Airr, Podcast Addict, Beyond Pod, and many more (but not Spotify) to provide secure, personalized access. You can use your preferred app and do not have to download a new one for this specific purpose.

We are often asked about whether the internet is needed to listen to the recordings.  You need the internet to purchase the recordings.  After you have purchased, you have access to them and can choose to download them for offline listening on your phone without the need for the internet.  If you listen on your computer, you will need to have internet service.  

Try a sample

You can listen to a sample of each audio before deciding whether to purchase.

Live recordings

The lectures and podcast-interviews were recorded live. The sound quality has been upgraded but imperfections exist.

CD format

You can alternatively purchase these 15 audios in CD format. They are $15 each plus shipping with discounts for buying sets. Please see our Audio CDs Please call 330-998-6000 or email us at [email protected] to place your order.


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