Progoff Intensive Journal Program for Self-Development

About the Intensive Journal Program Modules

Advanced: Life-Study (LS) Workshop: Learning from Another's Life

Learn valuable lessons about your own life by experiencing directly the life of a creative person. You will keep an Intensive Journal workbook on behalf of that person, serving as a journal trustee.

Life-Study provides a structured and proven way to experience the life, energy and ideals of your subject. Although you may begin as an outsider to the life of your wisdom figure, you will be participating in that person's experiences from the inside using the Life-Study approach. Life-Study provides a means to obtain important insights into our own lives including:

  • a greater perspective of the changes and cycles through which an individual passes in a full life span
  • closer contact with the acts of creativity and the issues that accompanied them
  • a broader viewpoint from which to consider the fundamental values of life

Life-Study has been utilized by religious organizations to study the lives of major spiritual figures, such as their founders. It also has broad applicability with writers who need to study in detail the life of a particular person.

Note: Advanced preparation is required.

Prerequisite: Life Context (LC) workshop.