Progoff Intensive Journal Program for Self-Development

Introductory Session:  Entrance Meditation™ Experience (INTRO) (1-3 hours)

In the introductory session, you learn the key principles for using the Intensive Journal method as well as experience sample exercises. It is fair to say that the only way to truly understand what the Intensive Journal method is to actually do it. These sessions help you achieve that goal.

A key part of using the Intensive Journal method is obtaining the right atmosphere and frame of mind.  We want to become quiet and centered, turning off our analytical ways of thinking, to connect with our inner process, and then access the various facets of our lives (personal relationships, life history, dreams and imagery) from this reflective atmosphere using the Intensive Journal exercises.  This is the heart of the method, a critical skill that you will learn over time as you experience the method, and is included in this introductory session.

One of the primary ways of creating this deepening atmosphere is through our Entrance Meditation readings. Dr. Progoff's Entrance Meditation readings, through their neutral imagery, are a unique form of stillness meditation, help us connect with our inner process.

We stress that these are not sales sessions. There is no pressure to sign up for a 2-day program. We are introducing you to the Intensive Journal method, its principles and exercises, so that you can make an informed decision whether or not you want to proceed further in our program. We simply let the Intensive Journal method speak for itself directly to your life. Then, if you find the method of interest, we urge you to sign up for a 12 hour program (Part 1 - Life Context (LC):  Gaining a Perspective on Life) where it says standard format (conducted over two days).

We are offering a special deal for those who attend an introductory session that is sponsored by Dialogue House (where Dialogue House handles the registration). If you sign up for a 2-day Intensive Journal workshop (Life Context module) where Dialogue House handles the registration within 6 months of the introductory session, we will deduct the cost of the introductory session from the 2 day workshop. This offer does not apply where an organization other than Dialogue House is handling the registration. We reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time.

If you know that you want to take a 2-day workshop, then we encourage you to sign up directly for that workshop. The introductory sessions are primarily for people who are new to the program and do not yet know how it operates and whether they want to participate in a 2 day workshop.