Progoff Intensive Journal Program for Self-Development

General Statements

"I came to the Intensive Journal Method at a very difficult time in my life, shortly after my mother died. It was hugely helpful in enabling me to digest what was going on for me, and lovingly witness my own process. At the same time, it allowed me to connect with the larger themes of my life, and understand what I was experiencing in the context of my entire journey.

Now it is a trusted companion, helping me reintegrate forgotten endeavours, access hidden wisdom and move towards ever greater awareness, growth and coherence."


“I felt I started a new chapter in my life when I discovered the Intensive Journal Method, under the leadership of Evelyn Wemhoff. Life got a new meaning, direction and purpose.

I felt as if I was on the trail of something special. Yes, I was on the trail of a treasure. When I was a child I read adventure books – I had so much fun – and also felt such a letdown when the book ended – I so wished for it to be real. That I really was a little child on board the pirate ship hunting for the treasure. As long as I was reading the book I imagined I was. But then it was over.

With the Journal I can search for the treasure on my own ship. And this treasure is not confined to One big chest on one certain island. No, it is spread all around – I find one piece of jewelry here and one diamond there – oh no, this one is fake, it is not gold – throw it away – but this emerald I want to save and put in my chest that I am filling – little by little with my own treasure, on my own ship. And this quest has a sheen of adventure, because I go to places I didn’t know existed, new worlds over, under and around my world.

My little world has suddenly gotten so much bigger and more interesting. And it is real. And true. And it is mine. My ship. My life."

LisBeth Peterson Asay

“I cannot say enough good things about my experience in participating in the Intensive Journal workshop. The process brought me so much clarity on a number of relationship and situational troubling issues in my life. What is fascinating to me is that the program helped me to find the answers and clarifications within my own consciousness.”

Len Jarrott
Santa Barbara CA

"The Intensive Journal method is the perfect antidote for life in the fast lane. The process allows one to re-engage our life in new ways, to discover new meaning, insights and possibilities. Contrary to the technology driven lifestyle, this “slow-drip” method allows one to return to a more natural rhythm and to see the inner resources available to meet daily life challenges. This is a brilliant tool for the 21st century!”


“The Dialogue House experience is a “must do” for anyone who wishes to explore their inner and outer life in relationship to their world, relationships, spiritual life and more.”

Jessica Siegel
Oakland, CA