Progoff Intensive Journal Program for Self-Development

Workshops on Zoom

"After attending both on-site and on-line Intensive Journal Workshops, I can honestly say that the experience on Zoom worked in several ways: interacting with our presenter, communicating questions, and hearing instructions. I can be in the privacy of my own home while working connectively during the workshop hours, and beyond."

If you are considering taking the workshop but not sure if doing so on-line would be beneficial, the experiences continue to be more worthwhile than I can say. Consider the price point as well. The technical support provided to participants has been outstanding. This is life-long learning at its best."

Lisa Fingerhuth

"This was my first online experience of the Intensive Journal Workshop. I have had years of in-person workshops. While the format of the workshop was very different, the tone and feel … the spirit … of the workshop was the same. It was actually quite powerful and useful.

There were three things that were extremely attractive about the Zoom format. First, the option to turn off video and sound created a kind of inner space without leaving a group feel. Secondly, there was a strong connection to Joanne, the group leader, because of the way in which Zoom allows Speaker view. Finally, it was easy to take stretch breaks, walk around, etc., without disturbing anyone else in the group. Zoom is actually quite perfect for the Intensive Journal Workshop in my opinion.

...the Intensive Journal Workshop went very, very well and is one of the best I have ever attended."

Rev. Christopher Robinson, C.M.
Chicago, IL

"Thanks to the online Zoom format, we can participate and experience the "feel" of the workshop process from the privacy and safety of our own home. I found it more conducive to this unique inner work."

Jami Morgan
Albuquerque, NM

"The Intensive Journal program has created a perfect adaptation within the pandemic that allows entry into the essence of private work while being with others. I participated in last year’s three modules from home and found it very satisfying."

John Leira
San Francisco, CA