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"The Intensive Journal program and EfM both deeply trust the individual experience and the present moment to reveal life-forming meaning. These programs aid participants in the articulation of the meaning that anchors their lives, clarifies their call to live their faith in the world, and supports them in the work of ministry. The Intensive Journal method offers individuals a broadened understanding of the depths within, while EfM offers participants a committed community in which to broaden understanding of life perspectives in the greater world."

Elsa S Bakkum
EfM Associate Director for Training

"For four decades, I have held both the Intensive Journal method and Education for Ministry program in an ongoing, intimate dialogue in my participation in meaning and truth. The approach to inner work which founder Ira Progoff PhD has chosen for the Intensive Journal method has allowed me to know the full mystery of being human experientially in a progressively deepening way. The Education for Ministry Program has helped me place my story within the story of the People of God. Together the two programs have been the primary means by which I have been formed as a person in relationship with the Holy."

The Rev Richard E Brewer
Primary Author of the EfM Reading and Reflection Guide, EfM Mentor, Trainer, and Author
Episcopal Priest from Tulsa, OK

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