Progoff Intensive Journal Program for Self-Development

Intensive Journal Method | Online Workshops

3-Part Online Series Through Zoom

Our 3-part series that consists of the three core modules (Life Context, Depth Contact, and Life Integration/Journal Feedback process) covers each of the Intensive Journal exercises and the integrative aspects of the Journal Feedback process. In the in-person format, this program was held over 6 days and often at leading retreat centers.

Now, we are offering the same 3 core modules online with a few minor adjustments to make it work. Typically, these programs will start on Saturday morning and so this example uses that start time. While online workshops can provide you with a powerful in-depth experience, it can be more intense than the in-person experience. Therefore, we inserted a day off between modules.

In our example, Life Context module (part 1) will be held on Saturday and Sunday followed by a day off on Monday. The Depth Contact module (part 2) will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday. After a day off on Thursday, we will complete the series by offering the Life Integration / Journal Feedback process (part 3) on Friday and Saturday. The hours each day are roughly 9 am - 5 pm with lunch and snack breaks in between.

If at all possible, we urge you to try and stay in the process on the days off. You may wish to continue to write in selected exercises that call your attention. Just as if you were at a retreat center, you may go for a walk to just reflect and let the method churn inside you. This will better equip you when you begin the next module.

With the online program, you are responsible for creating a reflective atmosphere that is conducive for working in the method. This requires some effort and persistence on your part. Be good to yourself and give the method a full chance to work for you. Naturally, we realize that you may have responsibilities to your family or elsewhere that require your attention. We hope that you will keep these objectives in mind as you plan your own retreat.