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Monthly Sessions


We are now offering monthly sessions of the Part 3-Life Integration/Journal Feedback™ module online through Zoom. By holding it online, we can reach many more people who would not otherwise travel for a three hour session.

These sessions are the same content as the traditional 2-day Life Integration workshop. We simply divide the Life Integration workshop (12 hours) into four sessions that are each three hours in length. You must commit to the four sessions that are included in the price of $210.

This program is designed for those of you who have attended Part 1-Life Context and Part 2-Depth Contact workshops recently and want to build upon your initial work in laying the foundation of your life. If you are looking for a "refresher" course if you have not been working in the Intensive Journal method recently, then we urge you to consider retaking Part 1-Life Context and Part 2-Depth Contact.

These monthly sessions offer several benefits:

  • a way to stay connected to the Intensive Journal process;
  • a structured environment to deepen your work;
  • connection to a certified leader to answer questions and help you facilitate your process;
  • time between sessions to work on your own and develop further leads and integrations;
  • the cumulative benefits from working in the Intensive Journal method in an ongoing way.

The workshops are scheduled to give you a great deal of choice to fit your schedule. We have sessions on:

  • weekdays during the evenings;
  • weekdays during the day;
  • weekends that may work for those of you in Europe to the west coast of the United States/Canada.

Many people prefer to work with a given leader with whom they have worked previously. A growing number of our leaders are now leading these monthly sessions.

These workshops have been very well received and we are now expanding the number of programs and choices for you.

Dr. Progoff stressed the cumulative benefits from working in the Intensive Journal method:

"Once you have begun to use the Intensive Journal process, is a great waste to not do the follow-up work that will give you the accrued results that come from staying with the process. Since the principle underlying the Journal Feedback process is that of cumulative movement, maintaining the Journal work has a multiplying effect if it is allowed to continue over significant units of time....continuing the Journal process draws a reintegrative factor in our experience..."