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Intensive Journal Workshops - Morocco

Casablanca, Morocco: 2-Part Series on 15-16 & 17-18 November, 2019
Workshop (12 hrs) Schedule Cost (in Euros) #
Life Context 15 November 19
16 November 19
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Depth Contact 17 November 19
18 November 19
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Location SOPRI Formation organizes and occasionally hosts Vocational Training Courses in its quiet facilities on a boulevard in the center of Casablanca.
Leader Heidemarie Graul-Bellalihas been giving Intensive Journal workshops since 1994 in various European countries, including Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium, Italy as well as in Morocco. She is currently working as a professional translator in Casablanca.
Registration Call +212/22/36.57.26; write to: Heidemarie Graul-Bellali, SOPRI S.à.r.l., 28, Boulevard Al Massira al Khadra, MA 20100, Casablanca, Morocco; or email: For program information in French, German or Italian