Intensive Journal Program for Self-Development
Progoff Series of Workshops

Evelyn Wemhoff

Evelyn Wemhoff, MA MEd

I was born in Idaho and spent most of my life in the Northwest. However, my connection to the Intensive Journal program began in Chicago where I was studying Counseling Psychology at Loyola University. The Journal was recommended to us and I was eager to attend.

As I sat in the last row of the filled symposium, and Dr. Progoff led the meditations and the process step by step, I made the inner decision, without a doubt, this was for me and I would pursue it. After that experience, I attended as many of Dr. Progoff’s workshops wherever I could.

It was in the 1980's when I met with Dr. Progoff at a workshop in California, and we began my planning to become a certified leader (journal consultant). The first workshop that I led was at Seattle University. Over the years, the invitations from Dialogue House were both challenging and appreciated as the years went by.

In Idaho, I was a member of a Benedictine Community where along with workshop assignments from Dialogue House, I could sponsor programs for groups who come to our retreat center.

Whatever I did, I carried my conviction that the Progoff Intensive Journal program was not only for personal growth, but much broader and more significant - for the more than personal and the benefit of the world.

I remember a question asked of Dr. Progoff by a gentleman attending a workshop:"How deep are we suppose to go with all this?" Dr. Progoff’s response was "A little deeper". I keep that as my motto.

When I moved to Seattle in 1998, I left the life in the religious community, and worked as a licensed counselor at the Emmaus Counseling Center.

I also helped to create WomanSpirit Center in the greater Seattle area where I created programs for women moving through transitions in their life. I conduct many Intensive Journal programs for these women who found the workshops especially helpful.

Through the years, I have been enriched by the many persons who invested and deepened their own life and provided the atmosphere where many others can truly enter into the process. Dr. Progoff’s professional work in the field of self-development, and the ongoing efforts of Dialogue House in furtherance of it, have been a great gift to my life..

In 2016, I retired from counseling and running WomanSpirit Center and made the decision to focus on leading the Progoff Intensive Journal program for the time that it can be (as Dr. Progoff says) "our friend," and continue to help others discover this friend to them.