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Integrated Wellness

The Intensive Journal method can be a valuable ally in helping people cope with the reality of having a major illness.

Foster Self-Empowerment to Overcome Challenges

  • Patients connect to their inner capacities to draw forth new resources to grow and develop, overcoming the challenges created by an illness.  They are better able to handle the tension, uncertainty and physical demands placed upon them physically and emotionally.  Maintaining a constructive attitude leads to a more active life style.   

  • Coping and Making Sense of the Illness

  • Patients become more actively engaged in determining the next phases of their total treatment program.  They become more proactive in developing plans to help themselves, conscious of changes in their condition, and aware of the consequences of destructive behavior.

  • Deepen Self-Understanding

  • Working in privacy creates safety for patients to be honest with themselves to accurately describe issues in their lives. 
  • Patients connect more deeply with their true selves which may have been overshadowed by the illness.  They develop a broader perspective, realizing possibilities in life beyond the illness.
  • Greater acceptance of the existence of the illness becomes possible, which leads to a process of dealing with the condition and its consequences.  Patients view their lives as an unfolding process and realize connections between illness and other facets of life.

  • Work Through Other Issues

  • Issues are clarified that had become clouded or complicated by illness.  Patients learn a new approach for continuing self-growth and  developing other aspects of their lives.  Resolving issues generates energy and momentum and reduces anxiety and stress.


  • Integrated Healing:  Finding Meaning in an Illness

    "The essence of healing does not lie in the efficiency with which the body and its parts can be restored to strength. It lies in the meaning that is added to the life of the person who suffers the illness or the injury. This meaning is not something that can be given to the person from the outside...meaning can come only by means of an experience that takes place within the person as an individual finds interiorly the message carried by an illness, absorbs it into consciousness and allows it in its own timing to disclose its meaning for the life."

    Ira Progoff, Ph.D.
    "Finding the Message of Illness"

    Statements From Participants


    "[The method] has helped me deal more effectively with the seriousness of a life-threatening illness and any emerging difficult issues and emotions."

    Vic T.
    Cancer Survivor



    "...the Journal has been the most honest ally in offering me feedback with regards to my attitudes, conduct and decisions."

    Gerald Johnson
    Bipolar Disorder



    "This experience of seeing oneself through one's own uncensored thoughts, feelings, and words, without the burden of judgment or analysis, has an empowering effect..." 

    Jane A.
    Addictions Treatment


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