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Physical Illness

"I enthusiastically endorse the use of the Intensive Journal method in wellness, healing and disease prevention programs. This process has been an important part of my intellectual and spiritual development for more than 20 years. I am particularly impressed that it gives individuals a vehicle with which they can explore their social, vocational, emotional and physical development."

B.W. Ruffner, M.D.
Chairman, UT Physicians
Medical Oncologist

"I discovered the rewards of writing as a means of making sense of life.  The Intensive Journal Workshop...was a life-changing experience."

MAMM: Women, Cancer and Community
April 2000

"Twice I have gone through surgery and radiation for breast cancer. Using the Intensive Journal method brought me courage and comfort throughout the treatment. Instead of just feeling fear, anger and despair, I was able to continue functioning in spite of conflicting feelings. The power of the Journal Feedback
TM process is so helpful...The Intensive Journal method continues to be one of my primary spiritual practices."

Fran P.

"This excellent method can help you to develop self-esteem and self-understanding, take control of your life, reduce stress, get in touch with your body and so much more."

Bernie Siegel, M.D.
Physician, Author &
Founder of Exceptional Cancer Patients

"For two years, I shared Tom's journey as he lived with, and died of, cancer. When I first faced his diagnosis, I was not sure I would make it through the coming months. I lived often on the verge of tears. The work I did in the Intensive Journal method helped me to reach a deeper consciousness and to find hidden courage. I was able to help find peaceful goodbyes with his family and to help all of them love each other through the pain."

Kendra Holley

"The method helped me deal more effectively with the seriousness of a life-threatening illness and any emerging difficult issues and emotions....I was able to see connections between different aspects of my life...I see the quality and comprehensiveness of the method, the depth and grasp Dr. Progoff had of the human condition, and the impressive way he put together a structure that preserves necessary internal discipline and enhances the possibilities for growth essential for human health."

Vic T.



"I have used this process for eight years and found it helpful, both in times of stress, such as loss or illness and in times of calm where my focus is on personal growth. It aided me in dealing effectively with health challenges...It is truly a tool for all seasons."

E. Jane Martin, PhD, RN, CS, CRNP, HNC, FAAN
West Virginia University
Dean and Professor, School of Nursing


Weight Loss/Diet

"...your healing must involve emotional or spiritual components as well as the physical. I would highly recommend Intensive Journal workshops to anyone interested in embarking on or continuing an introspective walk."

Kitty Gurkin Rosati, M.S., R.D.
Nutrition Director, Duke Univ. Rice Diet Program
Author of "Heal Your Heart"