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Employee Assistance

The Intensive Journal method can help employees develop many different facets of their personal and professional lives.  It is an active tool to use to develop insights about your life that can reduce stress, lead a more balanced life style, help you become more creative and productive, explore interests and develop your career.  In essence, it can:

"...help you operate at your highest level." 

-Bottom Line Magazine, 1990

Reduce Stress

  • Learn a tool to work through issues;  resolving issues is an effective way to reduce stress

    The process of writing down and making tangible your feelings can move your inner process forward, helping to reduce stress.  The Intensive Journal method gives you a practical way to work through issues, giving greater control of your life. It is an energizing experience, giving you the means by which to take the next steps in your life.

  • "These workshops have helped countless people 'de-stress'... I brought the program to our corporation to supplement stress management offerings ...The feedback was terrific..."

                        Vivian V. Eyre
    Partners for Women's Growth


  • Use relaxation and meditative techniques to connect with inner processes

  • Entrance Meditation techniques help you relax and stimulate your inner experience.   The Intensive Journal process can give you a sabbatical away from the pressures of your daily existence to reflect on your life.    Meditation is an integral and active part of our process; the thoughts that stir inside us from the meditation can be developed using the Intensive Journal method.

    Use an Integrated Holistic Approach

  • View specific issues within the context of your entire life; see  connections between areas using the Journal Feedback™ technique
  • Progoff's whole life approach provides you with a foundation using the full breadth of your  life experiences for future decision making.  Issues become more manageable when they are viewed within the context of our entire life.  Our process helps you see connections between different areas fostering integration and new awareness from diverse areas.

    The Intensive Journal method provides a practical way to develop the mind-body-spirit connection.  It is a tool to use throughout your life in your timing to work through issues using a holistic integrated approach.

    "Progoff's Intensive Journal method helps persons identify the meaning and direction in their life and thereby pursue a compatible career with success and fulfillment."

    Ronald Miller
    Vice-President, Paul/Brown Search Recruiting
    & Personnel Advisory Services

    Stimulate Your Productivity

  • Stimulate your creative and intuitive capacities -- a rich source of knowledge for developing new insights 
  • Progoff states that the "major breakthroughs of knowledge have their origins in non-rational intuitions that burst unpredictably from the imaginative depths of personality" (The Symbolic and the Real, pp. 3-4).    Creative personality is develops when we expand our perception of reality beyond our current intellectual boundaries.    Our program helps you deepen your contact with the deeper-than-conscious, and through this experience, learn to more fully trust your intuitive capacities.

  • Work through personal issues to allow for greater focus and concentration; reduce absenteeism 

    Use the Intensive Journal method in an ongoing way to work through issues.   Our method gives you a resource to gain greater control of your personal life, allowing you to be more fully focused in the work environment. 

  • Enhance communication and interpersonal skills; become more expressive 

    Using the Intensive Journal method can help you articulate your feelings, observations and thought processes.  Working through an issue in the privacy of your Intensive Journal workbook prepares you to communicate more effectively.   It may help you convey matters that are difficult to describe.   Learning to view issues from different perspectives enhances our level of tolerance and ability to interrelate with people of different backgrounds.

  • Deepen understanding of key people such as friends, family members and co-workers

    Use the Intensive Journal method to gain greater awareness of close friends and associates.   You learn how to "walk in the other person's shoes" so that the relationship can become more genuine.

  • Develop Your Career Path

  • Identify skills and interests for becoming more productive; prevent burnout

    In our fast-changing society, you may have many jobs or careers within your overall career.  New skills are required to remain competitive and take advantage of expanding opportunities.   Your interests may change over time, as your career evolves.   The Intensive Journal method provides you with a way to develop a greater sense of the direction and continuity of your career and provides a way to reflect on these issues to stay connected with your unfolding life process.

  • Connect with underlying career interests to prevent burnout

  • "These workshops have been highly successful and particularly useful in enriching the perspective that our counselors have in the complexity of their own lives and that of their clients."

    Dr. Paul Poplawski
    Former Director of Training
    Delaware Health & Social Services
    Div. of Alcoholism, Drug Abuse & Mental Health

    Complement Other Wellness Programs

    The Intensive Journal method is an excellent complement to other wellness programs.  Use our method to deal with underlying issues relating to other wellness programs such as stress or weight reduction, family or marriage planning, pain management, or addictions.

    Print a Brochure
    A brochure highlighting the applications of the Intensive Journal method in employee assistance/wellness programs is available here: Employee Brochure.  The brochure also features a sample exercise and continuing education opportunities, including the Employee Assistance Certification Commission.  This document is a pdf that requires Acrobat Reader or associated programs.