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The concept of wellness has many different applications and the Progoff program can play an important role in bringing it into your life.

General Wellness:

For many of you, wellness may refer to having a balanced and integrated life style, where you are able to deal with the stresses and strains of modern day living. Progoff designed the Intensive Journal method to give you a practical tool for daily living to help you be more in touch with yourself to lead a more meaningful life. By giving you a way to work through issues over time, you can reduce stress, tap into your capacities and strengths, and take greater control of your life.

Employee Wellness:

The Intensive Journal method can also can be an excellent tool to foster employee wellness. In the workplace setting, our program can help you deal with the conflicting pressures of family and work life, and work through personal issues. As you tap into your creativity, become more productive, more intuitive, and more communicative in the workplace.

Integrated Wellness:

Alternatively, the Intensive Journal method can help you deal with the challenges of having a major illness to foster integrated wellness. Our method provides a vehicle for helping you to make sense of an illness, marshaling your capacities for coping, and for keeping balance and perspective in your life.

In each area, the Intensive Journal method can play an important role in helping to foster greater wellness.

"Your body can become a source for a profound wisdom and guidance that relates to the whole conduct of your life."

Ira Progoff, Ph.D.