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An Overview

The Intensive Journal method provides a practical way to access and develop feelings and experiences through a series of writing exercises. This process helps people make decisions and grow into a new phase of their lives.

The method is neutral with regards to any religious beliefs. Participants do not have to enjoy writing or be a good writer to use the method. People with minimal education or who speak another language have greatly benefited. Key attributes which contribute to the program's effectiveness:

Conducive Environment to Transform Lives
  • Working in total privacy provides a safeguard for developing thoughts in an honest and open way.
  • A sustained period of quiet helps people to focus inward and a ccess feelings, becoming immersed in their own development.

    Effective Approaches to Work with Life Experiences
  • Non-judgmental techniques help people work through issues that may have been avoided.
  • Accessing and developing feelings without analysis provides new ways to approach issues, resulting in breakthroughs and new perspectives.

    Carefully Designed Intensive Journal Exercises
  • Writing exercises to access and work with feelings about important issues such as personal relationships, work, body and health, and meaning in life.
  • Areas of life that were once elusive become tangible with specific avenues to develop.
  • Working with experiences from diverse areas builds a solid foundation for the next step in life.

    Conducted by a Certified Leader of Dialogue House
  • Leaders guide participants step-by-step through the method using instructions developed by Dr. Progoff.

  • Leaders are supportive, non-judgmental and respectful, moving into the background as participants work in the method.

  • People of different backgrounds relate well to our facilitators.

  • Receive updates about our program