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"The method empowers me to positively manage the stressful work environment. I see other perspectives more fully which helps me maintain my objectivity and to move forward."

Charlotte Conway, RN, BS, IBCLC


" invaluable process to keep me centered in my career and to keep me focused on what is truly important."

Jody Dick, RN


"...a valuable tool to work through issues with peers in the workplace and patients by tapping into my own inner guidance."

Andrea Kelso, MS, RN, CNS


"I thought I was "finished" in developing my career, but then, 13 years ago, I discovered the Intensive Journal process. It led me to a highly functional level of self-care/self-reliance which has served me superbly well in my professional practice and my senior administrative roles."

E Jane Martin, PhD, RN, FAAN
Professor , Provost, and Former Dean
School of Nursing, West Virginia University



" excellent technique to facilitate the grieving and counseling process."

Sandra Morgan, RN, BSN