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Note: If you are interested in submitting a life history regarding your own experiences with the Intensive Journal Program, please read the following letter from Director Jon Progoff.
  • Writing a Life History
  • Cancer

  • Surviving the Emotional Consequences of Cancer
    by Vic T.
  • Recovering From Breast Cancer
    by Fran Pullara
  • Losing a Friend to Cancer
    by Kendra Holley
  • My Battle with Leukemia
    by Netter Hansen

  • Using the Intensive Journal Method to Cope With Bipolar Disorder
    by Gerald C. Johnson


  • Overcoming Trauma
    by Liz S.
  • Healing from Sexual Abuse Using the Intensive Journal Method
    by C.S. Rose
  • Recovering from Trauma
    by D. Mathers
  • Surviving a Violent Crime
    by Nan Eisenberg

  • Overcoming My Addiction
    by Patricia Burns
  • Overcoming Addictions: The Intensive Journal Method and Twelve-Step Programs
    by Beverly A.

    Care Giver
  • Caring for a Loved One
    by Lucille A. Bouchard

  • The Sudden Loss of a Loved One
    by Pam Rivers
  • Grieving for My Sisters
    by Christine Lang

    Domestic Violence
  • Breaking Free From Domestic Violence
    by Pam Peterson

  • Retirement
  • Developing Your Life In Retirement: A Conversation with Marge Warren
    by Amira Pierce