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Book : At a Journal Workshop

Description: The primary book for using the Intensive Journal method. It contains a chapter on each of the Intensive Journal exercises, describing both its methods and principles. An excellent way to learn about the process before a workshop; or to deepen your knowledge of specific exercises after a workshop.
Code: B-101
Price: $19.95
Review: "The best book on psychological self-care we’ve seen."

- Medical Self-Care Magazine.

Entrance Meditation Series

Audio CD : The Well and the Cathedral

Description: Sitting in stillness, we enter our own cathedral, our sanctuary of quiet and privacy. Moving downward into our well, the inner depths of our self, we explore inner experiences, images and feelings. Our jumbled life experiences, the muddy waters of our lives, settle and become clear in the silence. New truths and symbols present themselves. From deep in our well, we are led into the underground stream, the timeless waters of eternity, to feel the presence of others.
Code: A-101
Price: $15.00
Review: " beautiful as poetry, as inspiring as mystical revelation, as practical as therapy."

- New Realities Magazine

Audio CD :
The Star/Cross

Description: As we become quiet, our breathing slows, letting the self become still, like quiet water. Our excess thoughts drop away as our focus goes inward. We feel the nature and purity of a vast dark forest that surrounds us. Going further into our depths, the forest of our lives, we see a shining Star/Cross, with an opening at its center, the place of inward knowing. Exploring the opening at the center of the Star/Cross, we realize that it is filled with visions of past and future.
Code: A-102
Price: $15.00
Review: " beautiful as poetry, as inspiring as mystical revelation, as practical as therapy."

- New Realities Magazine

Audio CD :
The White Robed Monk

Description: As our breathing slows, we become centered and still. Only our breath is moving at a regular pace. The ebb and flow of our breathing is like a gentle ocean with us, falling upon the stillness of our inner being. A light appears out of the darkness. We are drawn to a room filled with light in an underground chapel where an altar radiates from the center, a round stump of an ancient tree, an altar/tree. Feeling the circles of the altar/tree, we see our lives passing through time. A white robed monk speaks to us, silently through each of us, inwardly, whenever we create an atom of silence, a quiet place of peace within our life. It is our secret chapel, were we each hear our own true word.
Code: A-103
Price: $15.00
Review: " beautiful as poetry, as inspiring as mystical revelation, as practical as therapy."

- New Realities Magazine

Audio CD : Entrance Meditation Series

Description: Purchase all three entrance meditation CDs and save $5 :
     The Well and the Cathedral (A-101)
     The Star/Cross (A-102)
     The White Robed Monk (A-103)
Code: A-104
Price: $40.00

Progoff Lecture Series

Audio CD : The Dialogue House Experience

Description: Guiding you step by step through the theories behind the workshops themselves, the lecture will help you to discover Dr. Progoff's vision for the program. This audio helps you to understand the reasoning behind the workshop experience, such as the need for silence, the benefits of creating a group atmosphere and the purpose of the structured section of the workbook. A solid introduction to the method.
Code: A-201
Price: $15.00

Audio CD :
Non-Analytical Ways of Growth

Description: Viewing your life in a different way can help you learn from your tensions, fears, and confusions. Describing the life process as a constant state of growth and change, Dr. Progoff shows you how his non-analytical, evocative approach can help you work through these issues and gain new perspectives into your life. Explains key concepts of the Intensive Journal method.
Code: A-202
Price: $15.00

Audio CD :
Creativity & Spirit in History & Today

Description: Examines the search for individual meaning against the backdrop of a fast-paced society. You can develop the concept of your life as an ultimate artwork, while exploring the freedom and uncertainty that comes with being released from tradition. Dr. Progoff describes the struggle to find direction, and methods for establishing meaning in the ebb and flow of your life.
Code: A-203
Price: $15.00

Audio CD :
Active Methods of Spiritual Growth

Description: Acquaint yourself with the fundamental concepts of Process Meditation techniques, a tangible method for developing your inner life without analysis or intellectual self-consciousness. Covers the importance of drawing from your inner life to enrich your outer existence and vice versa. Dr. Progoff conducts selected Intensive Journal exercises and provides feedback and explanations to audience participation.
Code: A-204
Price: $15.00

Audio CD :
Waking Dream and Living Myth in the Creative Work of Ingmar Bergman

Description: Dr. Progoff explains the role of symbolic material in the overall growth of a person. Dreams and myth are carriers of profound messages for deeper understanding and for those experiences that have not yet happened. Dr. Progoff then discusses how filmmaker Ingmar Bergman’s detailed
statements about how using symbolic material as the source of his films is consistent with this view.
Code: A-205
Price: $15.00

Audio CD :
Moving Through Transitions

Description: Dr. Progoff explains how his approach to human development and the Intensive Journal method can be used to help people overcome the feeling of being stuck or at a dead end. Using the example of an addiction, which he believes represents the difficulty of moving from one
period of life to another, Dr. Progoff reads from an extensive dialogue to illustrate how the dialogue process can be used to gain understanding into issues relating to the transition. Dr. Progoff concludes with a question and answer session.
Code: A-206
Price: $15.00

Audio CD :
Finding Your Identity

Description: In our modern society, the breakdown of institutions and belief systems has created a great challenge to establish our individual identity, yet offers the opportunity for freedom and creativity. Dr. Progoff describes the "cycles of growth" process by which we become initiated both into adulthood and each successive phase of life. He concludes with an extensive question and answer session.
Code: A-207
Price: $15.00

Audio CD :
The Inner Development Process

Description: The way for organizations and society to grow is through the development of each person. Dr. Progoff explains why this growth must come from within and how the Intensive Journal method can facilitate this process. He summarizes core aspects of his approach to development and relates them to the Intensive Journal method. This lecture concludes with an extensive question and answer session.
Code: A-208
Price: $15.00

Audio CD :
The Evolution of Self as applied to CG Jung and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Description: Demonstrates how belief systems change over time, using the Steppingstones model as a tool to explore how Jung's and Teilhard de Chardin’s lives shaped their philosophies. A useful example of the method itself while exploring the nature of transition and change, and the cycles and periods of our lives. Provides background for the Intensive Journal method and an insightful glimpse into the lives of two of Dr. Progoff’s greatest influences.
Code: A-209
Price: $15.00

Audio CD : Exploring the Influence of CG Jung

Description: Celebrating the 100th anniversary of CG Jung’s birth, Dr. Progoff explains Jung’s contribution to and historical place in the field of psychology. Dr. Progoff describes his personal relationship with Jung, the similarities and variances in their philosophies, and the pioneering aspects of Jung’s work. He explores Jung’s ideas for enhancing and releasing your creativity by probing the depths of your inner and emotional life.
Code: A-210
Price: $15.00

Audio CD : All Ten Lectures

Description: Purchase all ten lectures (A201 - A210) and save $20.
Code: A-220
Price: $130.00

Interviews with Ira Progoff, PhD

Audio CD : The Dialogue House Concept

Description: Get to know the creator, his vision, goals, and rationale for establishing the Intensive Journal
program. Dr. Progoff explains how he intended for people to use the process throughout their lives, and important themes of the method. Dr. Progoff highlights several cases where the program has successfully helped participants. He shares his experiences studying with Dr. CG Jung and how his methods differ from Jungian thought.
Code: A-301
Price: $15.00

Audio CD :
Beyond Psychotherapy

Description: Dr. Progoff articulates major concepts and goals of the program, and how his methods go beyond psychotherapy. He shows how developing your inner capacities by using the Intensive Journal method helps you work through issues, fears and tensions. The dialogue process helps you connect to the many areas at a genuine level. Dr. Progoff stresses the power of the group experience, while working in privacy. The Intensive Journal method can be used to complement counseling sessions.
Code: A-302
Price: $15.00
Audio CD : 2 Interviews with Ira Progoff, PhD

Description: Purchase the Dialogue House Concept (A-301) and
Beyond Psychotherapy (A-302) and save $5.
Code: A-310
Price: $25.00
Audio CD : All 15 Audio CD's

Description: Purchase 3 Entrance Meditation Series (A-104),
all 10 lectures (A-220) and
the 2 interviews with Ira Progoff, PhD (A-310) and save $35
Code: A-401
Price: $190.00

Books by Ira Progoff, PhD

Book : Life-Study: Experiencing Creative Lives through the Intensive Journal Method

Description: An application of the Intensive Journal method which allows you to experience the life of a creative person and thereby gain insights into your own life. You serve as a Journal Trustee for a person, whose life is complete and of particular significance for you. The Life-Study method complements your work in your own Journal.
Code: B-102
Price: $16.95
Review: N/A

Book : The Symbolic and the Real (1963)

Description: Deepening his conception of holistic depth psychology, Dr. Progoff emphasizes the central role of symbolic material. He describes the psyche evoking process and atmosphere conducive for growth, while also setting the stage for the Intensive Journal method as a non-analytical way of evoking your life.
Code: B-201
Price: $16.00
Review: N/A

Book : Depth Psychology and Modern Man (1959)

Description: Developing his theories of holistic depth psychology, Dr. Progoff covers the workings of the psyche, uses of imagery, the influence of Jan Christian Smuts, and the connection between the processes of nature and psychological growth.
Code: B-203
Price: $16.00
Review: N/A

Book : The Dynamics of Hope (1985)

Description: Dr. Progoff sets forth two of the three components of holistic depth psychology: the psyche and dialectic. Other topics include material on dreams and twilight imagery, the philosophy of Zen as a means for psychotherapy, and the creative process.
Code: B-202
Price: $16.00
Review: N/A

Book : The Death and Rebirth of Depth Psychology (1956)

Description: Dr. Progoff establishes the basis for holistic depth psychology by reviewing the theories and evolution of its four pioneers: Sigmund Freud, C.G. Jung, Alfred Adler, and Otto Rank. He explains his vision for the role of depth psychology in modern society.
Code: B-204
Price: $16.00
Review: N/A

Book : Jung's Psychology and Its Social Meaning (1953)

Description: Dr. Progoff provides an excellent summary of Jung’s theories and their social significance. A fascinating way to see Jung’s influence on Progoff as well as the beginnings of Dr. Progoff’s vision for a alternative conception of psychology. Originally written as a doctoral disseration which spurred Jung to invite Progoff to study with him in Switzerland.
Code: B-401
Price: $16.00
Review: N/A

Book : Jung, Synchronicity and Human Destiny (1973)

Description: A presentation of Jung’s work on the noncausal dimensions of human experience. Describes Jung’s theory of the archetype.
Code: B-402
Price: $16.00
Review: N/A

Book : The Cloud of Unknowing (1957)

Description: Dr. Progoff renders into modern English a fourteenth-century classic of spiritual discipline. Through his introductory commentary on the text from the perspective of depth psychology, Dr. Progoff emphasizes the importance of direct experience as a means for psychological growth.
Code: B-501
Price: $16.00
Review: N/A

Book : The Image of an Oracle (1964)

Description: Transcripts of Dr. Progoff’s conversations with medium Eileen Garrett and commentary applying depth psychology on the relationship between the unconscious work and the conscious life of Eileen Garrett.
Code: B-502
Price: $16.00
Review: N/A