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Intensive Journal Texts
At a Journal Workshop $19.95
Life Study: Experiencing Creative Lives by the Intensive Journal Method. $19.95

Introductory Combination*
Intensive Journal Workbook, "At a Journal Workshop" text, and 2 Audio CDs that you choose. $59.00
Combination without "At a Journal Workshop" text $45.00

*Note: The best way to learn the Intensive Journal method is to attend a workshop. At a workshop, you will have the discipline of working in your life, without the distractions of daily life. The silent support of the group is critical for an atmosphere for inner work. A leader will take you step-by-step through the exercises; you will not have to figure out what to do. We highly recommend taking a workshop and then using the book, At A Journal Workshop, as a reference tool afterwards. However, we realize that some of you are eager to get started and work on your own, or simply cannot attend a workshop. Therefore, we offer the introductory combination.

Entrance Meditation™ Series  (Three meditations: $40)

The Entrance Meditation series, rich in metaphors from nature and wisdom figures, takes us on an inward path that is gentle, profound, and free from religious doctrine.  Each of the three audios consists of eight separate meditations, which are self-contained units and may be used individually, or one can follow the sequence of each audio as the theme is developed through a full cycle of experiences.  They take you inward and then outward after the meditative experience.  For more information about the Entrance Meditation technique, including applications and a sample meditation,
click here.

The Well and the Cathedral $15.00
The Star/Cross $15.00
The White Robed Monk $15.00

Progoff™ Lecture Series (Ten lectures: $130)

The Progoff™ Lecture Series consists of several key talks that were conducted by Dr. Progoff in which he explains in detail his psychological approach to human development and the rationale for the Intensive Journal method.  Dr. Progoff helps you understand the connection between his theoretical concept of growth and the Intensive Journal method.  In several instances, Dr. Progoff leads the audience through Intensive Journal exercises and engages in extensive discussion with them.

The Dialogue House Experience $15.00
Non-Analytical Ways of Growth $15.00
Creativity & Spirit in History & Today $15.00
Active Methods of Spiritual Growth $15.00
Waking Dream and Living Myth in the Creative Work of Ingmar Bergman $15.00
Moving Through Transitions $15.00
Finding Your Identity $15.00
The Inner Development Process $15.00
The Evolution of Self as applied to CG Jung and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin $15.00
Exploring the Influence of CG Jung $15.00

Interviews with Ira Progoff, PhD  (Both interviews: $25)
The Dialogue House Concept $15.00
Beyond Psychotherapy $15.00

#Note: Several of the audios were recorded live many years ago. Best efforts have been made to enhance the quality to the recordings to the degree possible.

Other Books by Ira Progoff

Each of the following texts are out-of-print and are available in a duplicate vela-bind format.

Holistic Depth Psychology
The Symbolic and the Real (1963) $16.00
Depth Psychology and the Modern Man (1959) $16.00
The Dynamics of Hope (1985) $16.00
The Death and Rebirth of Depth Psychology (1956) $16.00

Theories of CG Jung
Jung's Psychology and Its Social Meaning (1953) $16.00
Jung, Synchronicity and Human Destiny (1973) $16.00

Entrance Meditation™ Series
The Well and the Cathedral (1971) $12.00
The Star/Cross (1971) $12.00
The White Robed Monk (1972) $12.00

The Cloud of Unknowing (1957) $16.00

The Image of an Oracle (1964) $16.00

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