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Advanced Professional Training in the Intensive Journal® Method

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Our training program is designed to give you ongoing support and feedback as you work through the study guides.

1. Director of Dialogue House: Jonathan Progoff

Mr. Progoff is responsible for all phases of the training program. This includes selection of candidates for admission, the content of study guides, review of performance in the training program and certification as a leader.

2. Director of the Advanced Studies Program: Dr. Avis Smalley

Dr. Avis Smalley our director of the Advanced Studies Program, is a retired school psychologist who specialized in clinical intervention for treatment of handicapped children and their families. Her masters thesis in clinical psychology dealt with the application of the Intensive Journal method for bereavement therapy. Prior to her career as a school psychologist, Avis taught at elementary, high school and college and has a strong interest in student-centered education. For her doctoral thesis, Intensive Journal work was the basis on which her entire doctoral study was developed and finalized.

Dr. Smalley will review your reports that are to be submitted for each study guide. She will provide direct written feedback that you can then review with the senior consultant.

3. Senior Leaders

Several experienced leaders are serving as consultants or coaches to participants in the training program. The purpose of the senior consultant is to give you an experienced person to review your work in the study program and the feedback from Dr. Smalley. Your fee for each study guide includes a few hours of consultation. Following your admission to the program, we will select a senior consultant with whom you will work. We will try to adhere to any preferences you have.