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Intensive Journal Workshops - Canada

Fall, 2017 - Spring, 2018

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Winnipeg, Manitoba:    Programs for Fall, 2017-Winter, 2018 (costs may be adjusted)

Workshop(12 hrs) Schedule Commuter# Resident
Life Context 10/20/17: (7:30-9 pm)
10/21/17: (9 am-4:30 pm)
10/22/17: (9 am-2:30 pm)
$ 150 $ 230+
Life Context 02/16/18: (3:30-9:30 pm)
02/17/18: (9 am-5pm)
$ 155 $ 200*
Depth Contact 02/18/18: (10 am- 5 pm)
02/19/18: (9 am-5 pm)
$ 150 $ 195*
Life Integration 03/16/18: (7:30-9 pm)
03/17/18: (9 am-4:30 pm)
03/18/18: (9 am-2:30 pm)
$ 150 $ 230+

# Includes tuition and lunch.
* Includes tuition, double room and meals.  Single rooms are available for an extra $10.
+ Includes tuition, double room and meals.  Single rooms are available for an extra $20.

Residents taking both workshops: add $45 for extra overnights and meals

Location The workshop will be held at St. Benedict's Retreat & Conference Centre, a leading retreat center in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  The centre is located on 72 acres of scenic wooded land bordering the Red River, an ideal quiet setting for your journal workshop experience.
Leader Virginia Evard, OSB, has twenty years experience in spiritual direction and retreat work and is the prioress of St. Benedict's Monastery.  She holds a Master of Arts degree as well as a Masters of Pastoral Studies and has had extensive experience in conducting Intensive Journal workshops.
Registration Call 204-339-1705 or write to: St. Benedict's Retreat & Conference Centre, 225 Masters Ave., Winnipeg, MB, R4A 2A1, CANADA. Cheques only.


 Toronto, Ontario:  


  Montreal, Quebec: 2-Part Series on November 3-6 2017 - (English speaking-see comment below)*

Workshop (12 hours each) Schedule Tuition #
Life Context 11/03:  (1:30-4:30 pm; 6:00-9 pm)
11/04:  (9 am-12 pm; 1:30-4:30 pm)
$ 225 CN
Depth Contact 11/05:   (9 am-12 pm; 1:30-4:30 pm)
11/06:   (9 am-12 pm; 1:30-4:30 pm)
$ 225 CN
Life Context & Depth Contact   $ 435 CN

* If your primary language is other than English, then you can still participate as long as you understand the instructions that will be given in English.  You will write in your Intensive Journal workbook in your native language.  If you read voluntarily from your workbook, you will read in your native language. 
#  Tuition only.  Restaurants and lodging are nearby.

Location The workshops will be held at  the Centre St Pierre in the Village section of Montreal.  The conference centre is located on Panet Street between Rue St Catherine East and Boulevard Rene-Levesque East. The Beaudry metro stop on the Green line is only a short walk (at Beaudry and St. Catherine East).
Leader Avis Smalley, Ph.D. taught at Plattsburgh State University's Campus School for several years, and then became a School Psychologist in the Special Education Division at Champlain Valley Education Center in Plattsburgh, New York.  She has led Intensive Journal workshops since 1977 and retired as director for Dialogue House's program for training leaders to conduct Intensive Journal workshops.
Registration Call 216-342-5170 or 800-221-5844 or write to Dialogue House, 23400 Mercantile Road, Suite 2, Beachwood, OH  44122 USA. Email:  Credit cards accepted. Due to currency translation, the amount charged to your card may vary slightly from the tuition rates.   Make cheques payable to Dialogue House.
Canadians:  Payment by credit card is strongly recommended.  If paying by cheque, you must go to a Canadian bank and purchase a money order in United States dollars that is denominated by a United States bank. We also accept international money orders in US dollars.  NO PERSONAL CHEQUES. 
Americans:  Pay by credit card or personal check.  If you are paying by check, please register and you will receive the payment balance owed in US dollars.
Lodging We may wish to stay at the Hotel Le St-Andre which is only a short walk (about 7 blocks) from the conference centre.  The hotel is located at 1285, rue Saint-Andre, Montreal, QC   H2L 3T1 Phone:  800-265-7071 / 514-849-7070.   The hotel is located between Rue St Catherine East and Boulevard Rene-Levesque East (as is the conference centre).  Mention you are attending a conference at Centre St. Pierre to obtain the special rate of $72 CN per night plus tax ($78 for two people).  Please reserve your room from 8 am-4 pm when Roger is at the front desk.  There is limited free parking.  Your chances increase of getting parking if you are earlier in the day.  


 Victoria, British Columbia:  3-Part Series Begins on Fall 2017 TBA

Workshop (12 hours each) Schedule Tuition #
Life Context TBA:  (1:30-4:30 pm; 6-9 pm)
TBA:  (9 am-12 pm; 1:30-4:30 pm)
$ 215 CN
Depth Contact TBA:  (1:30-4:30 pm; 6-9 pm)
TBA:  (9 am-12 pm; 1:30-4:30 pm)
$ 215 CN
Life Integration TBA:  (1:30-4:30 pm; 6-9 pm)
TBA:  (9 am-12 pm; 1:30-4:30 pm)
$ 215 CN
Any Two Workshops
$ 400 CN
All Three Workshops
$ 595 CN

# Tuition only.  Local restaurants and lodging nearby.

Location The Church of Truth is located in the James Bay residential neighborhood of Victoria, BC at 111 Superior Street.   Restaurants and lodging are nearby.   Contact Bill for lodging information.
Leader Bill Israel is a long-time practitioner of the Intensive Journal method, with 40 years of experience in effecting his own life transitions.  Bill worked as an ordained pastor, a group and family therapist and then as a professional human resource trainer and consultant.  He now conducts a private counseling and consulting practice in Victoria, B.C., working as a Life Transition Facilitator.
Registration Call 250-744-0590 or email write to: Bill Israel, PO box 41027 Cordova Bay PO , Victoria, BC  V8Y 0A3 Canada.   Cheques only.  Minimum nonrefundable deposit:  $50