W I S D O M   o f   L I F E

by Ira Progoff, Ph.D.


If I did not believe

That the wisdom of life

Is greater than my own wisdom,

I could not have survived,

But having survived,

It is more than a faith now,

A knowledge.

I know,

That, great as my wisdom is,

--Almost as great as my will and my desire--

Yet the wisdom of life is greater.

And, as I could not float upon water when I tried to,

Now I can float upon life

Without trying.

In this is my wisdom

And the wisdom of anyone

To know that I know not

How to carry the weight of my existence.

But the waters of life will carry it for me

In their wisdom.

That is the wisdom of life

From which comes all power

And the ultimate glory.

And the greatness of my wisdom lies

In letting life be wise.



Dr. Progoff wrote this poem in 1972.